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A new way to visualize, analyse, and train machine learning models on the microbiome. Built by the research community for the research community.

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Explore microbiome data and discover relevant relationships. No code needed.

Powerful Visualizations

Easily see trends and patterns in the form of bar charts, scatterplots, PCA, NMDS, composition pie charts, tree plots, and more.

Diversity Measurements

View key alpha and beta diversity results in the context of gene expression, host response, or any other related metadata.

Machine Learning

Run feature selection algorithms like Boruta and train machine learning models like linear regression or deep neural networks.


Find relationships between changes in the microbiome and changes in the immune cell infiltration, gene expression, or other measured response.

Responsive Filtering

Pick and choose to use different levels of filtering of your data.


Research should be accessible to everyone, always.

Open Source

Fork us on Github here.

Subsampling Enabled

Get meaningful results by automatically or manually subsampling the microbiome data.